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mobile value-added services (VAS)

Revolutionize your digital world

Top companies trust Shankly Technologies to expertly provide them with mobile value added services.



Shankly Technologies (Private) Limited is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company, that offers complete mobiles Value Added Services (VAS) solutions to mobile operators, organisations and corporate companies as a whole. Our aim is connecting people through the power of mobile digital solutions.

As mobile devices and data takes over the world, Shankly is at the forefront of USSD application and mobile digital solutions.

With our leading industry products and services that help telecom carriers move into the world of USSD application and mobile digital services.

Heralded by our wide array of innovative USSD and mobile digital solutions, Shankly Technologies was born witha vision to revolutionize the experinces user derive from their telcom carriers and mobile phones. Shankly Technologies has established itself a leader in the mobile VAS industry.

Shankly Technologies Private Limited is a wholly owned Zimbabwean company that seeks to provide solutions in the Digital Services arena. We have extensive experience and synergies with both local and international entities and we seek to provide a world class service to our partners and stakeholders always..
Munyaradzi Muzanenhamo
Business Development Manager
our bold vision

We're the future now

Custom USSD apps and digital solutions built specifically for your business.


Shankly's USSD applications provide custom made user experience to mobile operators' subscriber base.

Mobile Data Apps

Shankly technologies develops mobile application products in order to serve mobile operator subscribers.

SMS Based Apps

Shankly's sms applications can be used to deliver a wide range of one or two-way intelligent applications.

24/7 Support

Shankly provides level 1, 2 and 3 application support and maintenance services for USSD and mobile applications.


Scalable products, enhanced features & expandable solutions.


Seamless integration, minimal network update & flexible implementation.


Flexible features, flexible services & flexible business models.


Powerful support, swift implementation & dependable solutions.

Why choose us

What is it?

Shankly Technologies is a leader in telecommunication USSD and digital solutions provider. With over 11 years experience of providing innovative and revenue-generating solutions for mobile operators our expertise spans telecommunication USSD, SMS and mobile application and platforms development, integration and level 1, 2 and 3 support. With our dedicated and specialised team we are ready for the next step in your digital transformation.

With Shankly technologies products, we ensure that your solution is scalable, reliable and flexible to suit your needs adapting to your unique use case, allowing you to grow and maximize on revenue generated. 

Our product range


FAITH! mobile devotional

A dynamic and comprehensive extensive USSD gateway to devotional materials from churches, pastors and the bible.

Farming News

A USSD app for latest farming tips, news, market prices & weather information keeping farmers updated current and best practices.

Mobile News

Mobile news USSD app keeps subscribers up to date with the latest events, news and breaking news trends.

Music Application

An IVR based Voice Processing Platform which in real time extracts, process’s, measures and evaluates singers.

Voice and IVR

Our IVR allows for IVR-menu building, menu navigation, complete integration with SMS/WAP/MMS/USSD and speech recognition.

Outbound Dialer

Allow your subscribers to interact with responsive voice IVR. From promotional outreach to automated reminders etc.

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Years Of Experience



Shankly has always delivered more than expected and responded just on time to meet deadlines. They give a new meaning to the saying ‘Great things in business can be done by one firm, but can scale new heights – continue to grow by partnering a professional and efficient group of people or company.

Paul Nyakazeya Group Digital Editor @Daily News & FINGAZ

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Excellent Track Records

Shankly Technologies operates in the area of mobile value added services since 2009. Currently our main products are USSD based application and content management, which has been deployed and successfully implemented.

Developed & management

We have developed 6 main applications in our range of products and solutions. Most have been customized to meet network provider needs.

Users subscribed to our products

Our interactive and innovative products have seen more than 1,6 million subscribers using our products to enhance their mobile operator experience.

Revenue Maximizing Solutions

Our products have seen revenues of up to $5 million being reached by mobile operators. Our revenue and business models are robust and reliable.

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